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Stepping Into Spring 2021

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

To all you beautiful souls,

Just like you, we are trying to stay on top of the continuous changes in restrictions to our business. We are still open for Massage Therapy sessions and no referral or prescription is required to book an appointment. All other services are unavailable at this time.

Our retail shop is still open, please consider dropping in to shop or purchase a Gift Certificate to help support our business and your therapists. We are still in this together and we are here to talk and support you however we can.


The Team at Healing Connections


Spring Shifting...

As we shed the darkness of winter and step into the blossoming spring, we are reminded of the fertility of the world we inhabit. Water flows, carrying away the ice and carving new pathways in earth, animals pair off to create new life, and the trees burst into bloom. After a long dark winter, heavy in emotional burdens, we all strive to step into the sun. Spring is a season ripe with new beginnings; associated with fertility and birth, it can also be a time to birth new ideas, goals, or plans. It is the season to plant the seeds of intentions, preparing ourselves for changes that must take place in order to bring our dreams into fruition. It is a time to cleanse ourselves, our lives, and our surroundings of things that no longer serve us. New beginnings can be scary or overwhelming, they can come on quickly and loudly, or softly and gentle. But regardless of how they show up, these new beginnings are bursting with possibilities, endless potential. There is hope in this season and opportunity, are you prepared to be open? "Spring will come and so will happiness. Hold on. Life will get warmer" - Anita Krizzan

surreal painting of woman mixed with animals and nature
Mother Earth Welcoming Spring - Artist Unknown

Womb Care at Healing Connections

Are you struggling with painful cycles, fertility issues, low libido, or menopause? At Healing Connections we have several therapist that can help with the physical, emotional, and spiritual weight of having a womb. Karin Monkman, RMT, has been practicing massage therapy for over a decade and has begun to specialize in womb care and fertility massage. If you are interest to learn more about healthy cycles, or begin to heal your relationship with your womb call the clinic to find out more! Kimberly Dedels has been in the holistic health field since 1999. For 20 years she has practiced and trained in Bowen Therapy, Reflexology, Craniosacral Therapy and Facial Reflexology, as well as other modalities that enhance her knowledge in support of her clientele.

ayurvedic medicine herbs for women wombs
Herbs for the Womb by @animamundiherbals

Product Spotlight!

Yoni: Portal. Gateway. Womb.

"Oftentimes the western world has taught us disconnection from our womb. Now is the time of reclamation. This energy centre needs not only physical care, but energetic! Yoni is the Sanskrit term that symbolizes the Hindu Goddess, Shakti, who is the representation of feminine power. Yoni is the source of life."

For Yoni/womb care, we carry...

Yoni Steam: A sacred blend of 7 herbs to help physically and energetically cleanse your womb.

Yoni Oil: A 6-week herbal infusion to help create glide, while toning and calming the vaginal tissue. Decreases inflammation.


Essential Oils: Buy one, get one during the month of May!

May is BOGO monthfor our doTERRA products!

In store and in stock only! Come by a get your mom something for her mental and physical health.


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